When I was born my dad was not there.  I grew up with just me and my mom. When I was 7 I got a step dad. I was so happy to have some to play with, but then he started to hit me and just be mean to me. It was hard on me and it was at this point when I knew he was not my dad. So, for 4 years I have been dadless looking for someone to look up to and to call Dad. Then I was told about this camp and it sounded fun, so I signed up. In service one night, I was sitting there when one of the speakers talked about how god could  be our Father; how God will be there when no one else is. Then we started worship and I prayed to God. “God why didn’t you give me a dad growing up? Why, God why? Why did you let me grow up fatherless?” Then God said to me, “I was there. I was there when your were born. I was there when you were at your lowest point.” Then at that point I knew I had a Father to look up to, to talk to, and to believe in.